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My new and first book by Paul Sayers Bone, Jimmy Coldpuddle and the Practical Gang: The Bladderwort Story, soon to be published

This book came from one of the stories I used to tell my children, this particular story was one that they always remembered, whatever part of the story we had got up to, even if it had been weeks since they had last heard it, even though I had told them other story’s in-between. 

The story is about Jimmy Coldpuddle and his friends, their adventures’ and what happened to them in the first few weeks of their school summer holidays when they encountered the Bladderworts. 

The Bladderworts were mutants that had been created by a brilliant scientist in the 12th & 13th centuries. He had mixed together the DNA of a slowworm and the Venus fly trap together with the scientist own DNA. But is experiments did not turn out as he wished, and he had created monsters that grow to 13 feet tall, as strong as 10 lions and intelligent. 

But these monsters will destroy, take and enslave all humans, as well as providing humans to feed the female Bladderhawk’s. 

What these monsters did not take into account, was that one day hundreds of years later they would encounter a 12 year old boy named Jimmy Coldpuddle, a member of the Practical Gang, and the other 8 members, 5 boys 4 girls altogether. 

Each member of the gang has a code name, Julia is Starr, Abi is Serious, Dawn is Genius, and Penny is Teddy Bear, then there are the boys, JJ is Dippy, Cassius is Snake, Toby is Smiley, Rob is Elephant, and Jimmy is Innovator. 

They have a brilliant tree house which is their den, called Sky Lark; Jimmy’s Granddad Paul is a great inventor and is an honoree member of the gang, his code name is Professor. 

This story starts at the beginning of their school summer holidays, and what happens changes their lives forever. 

Not only do they become one formidable unit but they become real super heroes, with the help of Granddads inventions. I hope that if you read this book you enjoy it as much as I loved writing it and drawing the one hundred illustrations in the book. These monsters were created in the 13th century by a brilliant scientist who entombed the monsters in a book; this book has lain hidden for hundreds of years. 

It all began one late summer’s afternoon. Busters Granddad heard a noise coming from a bookshelf in is library, on investigating he found, behind a panel on the top bookshelf a strange magical book that was made from a unknown waxed material, the title of the book was ‘Tudolebis non leguntur’ ‘that’s Latin and translated it says, “Don’t Read You’ll Be Sorry” which he thought was a strange title for a book. He decided to   
open it; he then started to feel a strange compulsion to read the book. 

He said to himself, stop reading, but the book took hold of his curiosity, he just couldn’t put the book down, he knew something strange was now happening. 

He then shouted out aloud…… WHAT HAVE I DONE? 

I wouldn’t have been able to put this story onto paper if it hadn’t been for one of my children. I am severely dyslexic, and in my life, up until this point, I have never written more than a dozen words at any one time, it’s was just too hard and frustrating for me to do, I found it easier to solve problems because that’s what I do best, developing and building my own inventions, which I still do, now having over 50 patents to my name. Then one Christmas one of my grown up children bought me a computer program that I could talk into. And for the first time in my life I could write a letter I was 62 Years old. The Bladderworts Story is part of a trilogy, and now I’m writing the second installment. 

I’m not saying they’ll be good books, but it’s been a marvelous experience for me to at last be able to put my thoughts down on paper. I hope you enjoy reading this book, and sharing the adventures of the Practical Gang.