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Welcome to the Flo-Control push button fuel can


Innovation at its best


Reduces fuel spillage

Reduces fuel emissions

Reduces carbon footprint

Delivers clean fuel

Delivers sustainability

Protects the environment


List of the top benefits for investing:

  • Measuring spout to allow oil to be added cleanly and efficiently for two stroke engines
  • Integrated spout, so you can’t loose it
  • Colour coded handle to denote contents
  • Base can be any corporate colour or just clear.
  • Dead mans handle, so even if the operator drops it why’ll in use, no fuel will be spilt
  • Stylish, award winning design

Exclusive License Opportunity:


Above is an image of the 5 litre push button fuel can, to the left shows the 10 litre prototype fuel can and located to the right is the award winning inventor Paul Sayers Bone holding the fuel can. The fuel can has granted patents and further patents pending.

Unfortunately the 5 litre fuel can is sold out and the 10 litre fuel can is still a prototype. I am offering a possibility of an exclusive license to take this fuel can, its accessories and different sizes forward. Please contact me if you are interested in this unique business opportunity.

  • Total control from trickle to full flow, emptying in 15 seconds if necessary
  • Clear spout to see all fuel delivered
  • Base can be branded
  • Four distinct markets a) Automotive b) Marine c) Garden machinery d) Plant
  • World wide patents applied for. Registered design granted.
  • Sunken filling hole to prevent over filling


The flo-control fuel can is able to refill a car in less than 15 seconds, compared to 1 minute 30 seconds with convention fuel cans. The transparent spout allows you to see the fuel being delivered, and can stop the delivery immediately, as soon as you release the button. Currently there are 25 million cars in the UK, 3 million lorries, 1.5 million motorbikes. The fuel can would be perfect for track days, safely refueling at track side, as well as supply to motorbike accessory shops, go-kart events and other track side activities. The fuel can can be used for petrol, hydraulic oils, and other lubricants.

Garden Products

Chainsaws, lawn mowers, strimmers, hedge cutters and all garden equipment that you can’t take to the petrol station can be easily refueled with the flo-control fuel can with its integrated hose and controlled flow you can fill the smallest of fuel tanks, safely, quickly, and without spillage. The can has the added benefit of being able to use the spout to measure 2 stroke oil to the 100 ml mark for an accurate 50 to 1 mix, then press the button to allow the oil to be added to the fuel simply and cleanly for 2 stroke engines. The dust cap on the spout stops dust and debris contaminating the inside of the spout when not in use.


Refilling an outboard motor on water is illegal, but still happens, the flo-control fuel can  will prevent spillage in the water as well as into the bottom of your boat, so reducing pollution. If you do spill fuel into the bottom of your boat it is very difficult to get rid of it! Resulting in pollution, smell and the added danger of fire. The flo-control fuel  can will give controlled delivery, no spill, and no overfill. There are half a million power boats in the UK and 3.5 million people participate in water sports, with an average price of a Jet Ski, in excess of £5k the extra cost of a controlled fuel can could help to ensure you don’t get petrol all over it


Spillage is a major Health & Safety issue on sites and spillages of fuel are dealt with by removing 1 cubic metre of soil, which costs time and money, this petrol can will help prevent that spillage from happening. Re-fueling vehicles and generators, our 5 litre petrol can will be followed by a 3 litre, 10 litre and a 15 litre cans all with flo-control technology, as well as a combi-can for forestry use.


The RNLI receive most of their call outs to jet ski’s or small craft that have run out of fuel. Trying to refuel them on the water with a traditional fuel can is difficult, and would result in fuel spillage, so they have to be towed back to land. Using the flo-control fuel can will enable them to refuel the crafts on rough seas or calm water, with no spillage.